Timing is Everything.

Posted by on October 4, 2012

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“Ajuda-te que Deus te ajudara”- Help yourself and God will help you.


Timing is everything. However, you must of course place yourself in situations of opportunity in order to understand and enjoy that phrase and others like it. We hear those phrases and expressions, but only few of us truly experience their meaning and reap the benefits of them.   Someone told me long ago “act your way into different thinking, don’t think your way into different acting.” Thinking is not doing, so just do and you will have instant results.


Lately we’ve been speaking to people who are always ‘thinking’ about their future. They ponder and they study awaiting an opportunity to begin the ‘acting’. We have been challenging them to just act, execute, experience, apply what they’ve been studying and just be the person they once dreamed of.


Back to timing as it relates to the concept of ‘acting your way into different thinking’; while presenting Gates Institute to students at Nichols College, we had the opportunity to be blown away by an energetic, courageous and intelligent student who took the time to find us after the presentation and introduce herself to me and my colleague. This young lady will go so far in this world because she understands the magic of just  ‘do’. Moments like that with people like her are few and far between. That woman recharged and renewed our sense of purpose and efforts in what we are pursuing and how we conduct ourselves. She knows that thinking is not enough; you must act to see results. The best part is that she doesn’t even know how inspiring she was. Until now of course…

Thank you Ms. Mendez.


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