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Recently during a ten day trip to Brazil I realized something very important. As we all know the globe is shrinking, has been for years with advancements in air travel, communications and technology. These developments and many others have drastically improved the way and the speed in which business is accomplished.

However, while I was in Brazil it became obvious, and hit me like a ton of bricks, that most important of all is human to human contact and communication. With many emerging countries the need for domestic-foreign relationships grows. Business relationships are best started with a personal relationship which builds understanding, respect, familiarity and trust. Not only are face to face meetings very important for developing quality purposeful relationships with longevity, understanding culture and etiquette of the country is crucial to a successful future.

The trip I took to Brazil not only inspired me to study the language and culture of that beautiful country, but the human connection that I made gave way to relationships that inspired a new business concept that is in development now, (3 months after travel), involving both individuals from the United States and Brazil.

I learned more during my ten days in Brazil than I have in five years reading about it here in my office in the US.

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