Travel the world and get credit for it!

GATES student travelers should consider themselves to be among the fortunate and elite learners when embarking on a GATES academic tour experience. GATES takes you to where the global economy lives. Our technical visits will take you up close and personal with companies that are fiercely competing in today’s financial market place.

Classroom learning is and always will be an essential part to the college learning experience, however, GATES will take you to beautiful countries and cultures abroad for a fast paced exciting hands-on approach to business that will excite, inspire, educate and enhance your college experience.

Students need all the edge and experience they can possibly have in the job market. GATES academic tours is that edge.


Student FAQ’s

Will my credit count for CEs (Continued Education credits)?


Is there a curfew for students traveling with GATES Institute?

All participants of GATES Institute tours are adults and not subject to any curfew  (unless Host country enforces one), students are expected to follow our code of conduct while traveling.  Students traveling with GATES are also students of the Host University and must act accordingly.  Behavior unbecoming said student will end with the student’s termination from the Gates program at student’s expense, and the student may be subject to further disciplinary action from the host entity.

How many hours of lecture will there be during the trip?

Depending on the class, the initial in-lecture time in the US and the curriculum for the class will run approximately 10-30 hours.  You can also expect additional assignments.

What do you mean by “a hands-on experience?”  Will I be working in the chocolate line at the chocolate factory?

Your experience with the host companies could be a seminar, a walk through the facility or even the opportunity to work side by side with their employees, you will often share ideas and professional opinions. 

How do I pay and does this class qualify for financial aid?

Your institution will determine if you are eligible for financial aid for this program.  Regular forms of payment are also accepted, i.e.; check, money order, credit or debit card.