GATES provides a variety of professional business trainings both domestically and abroad.

Professionals looking to enhance or continue their business education, or employers providing educational services for their employees are encouraged to utilize the professionals at GATES to plan logistics for training and provide experienced and certified instructors to deliver a first class instruction.

Business has always been competitive and the need to be informed never greater.


Professionals FAQ’s

What kind of business training do you offer?

GATES Institute has multiple training programs including Project Management, Six Sigma and Entrepreneurial Studies.

Will the instructor speak my language?

GATES Institute will ensure communication with the instructor is efficient.  If the instructor does not speak your language, GATES Institute will provide an interpreter for the group.

Will my credit count for CEs (Continued Education credits)?


What are the credentials of the trainers?

Instructors/trainers are carefully selected based on the specific program offered and profiles will be available prior to departure.

Would GATES Institute process or sponsor my visa?

No. GATES Institute will provide all the documentation necessary for you to process your Visa.

What is the duration of the program?

Every program is different. Average duration is 10 days

What does the program consist of?

All programs include academic work (research and analysis, conference, seminars, etc.), field work, tourism and a charitable exchange.

Could I bring GATES Institute to my employer or organization?

Yes. Contact one of our GATES Institute Representatives to obtain more information by calling 617-901-7546 or via email at

Is there a payment plan option available?

Yes. GATES Institute will accept monthly installments. All programs must be paid in full prior to departure.

How do I become a GATES Institute professional trainer?

We are always interested in new talent. Contact Adriana Sanchez, Director of International Operations at or at 617-901-7546.

Are internships or job opportunities available after the training?

GATES Institute cannot guarantee internships or job opportunities after participation in one of our programs.  However, academic tourism is an excellent networking opportunity for students and professionals.

I don’t see the type of program that I am looking for. Can I suggest a course?

Yes! We always welcome creative ideas. Contact one of GATES Institute Representatives to discuss by calling 617-901-7546 or via email at