Today’s economy and financial climate is extremely challenging and competitive. We as parents want the most for our children and a quality educational experience is essential to providing our children with the tools needed to find their employment, careers and ultimately realize their goals and dreams.

GATES understands the importance of preparing our children for success in the world beyond college. GATES was founded with a passion for knowledge as well as a philosophy that embraces the importance of real life experience. Our academic tours are designed to enhance the classroom education and provide students with a comprehensive exposure to diverse global business and the culture that surrounds it. These tours are condense, thorough, exciting, and  academically and personally enriching.

GATES feels very strongly about their student travelers experience and the realization of the highest return on the investment of their precious time and hard earned money.


Parent FAQ’s

How do I enroll my student in a program with GATES Institute?

Enrollment can be made by contacting GATES Institute at 617-901-7546 or via email at

Can I make a deposit payment online?

Yes.  Deposits can be taken by contacting GATES Institute at 617-901-7546 or via email at

Does GATES Institute provide travel insurance?

No.  GATES Institute does not offer travel insurance to participants. However, it is mandatory for participants to have insurance in order to travel with GATES Institute.  Please refer to the our website for insurance carrier information at

When is final payment due for the tour?

Final payment for travel varies tour to tour. However, typically final payment is due twelve (12) weeks in advance of tour.

Can a parent attend the trip as a chaperone?

GATES Institute programs are open to guests of students where space is available. GATES institute is not responsible for individuals other than student travelers.

What forms of payment do you accept?

GATES Institute accepts checks, money orders, and credit or debit cards.

What is GATES Institute cancellation policy?

All deposits are nonrefundable.  Additional payments over and above deposits are refundable up to 50% if cancellation occurs 8 weeks prior to tour departure.

What airlines do you travel with?

GATES Institute uses a variety of domestic and foreign common carriers.

Is it possible to customize a trip?

GATES Institute tours are detailed and an itinerary is in place with every planned      destination. However, you the traveler, reserve the right to break from the set schedules and itinerary except where attendance is mandatory to receive course credit.

What hotels are used on the tours?

GATES Institute has prearranged relationships with most major hotel chains as well as independent hotels.  All are carefully selected for their accommodations,   proximity and convenience to points of interest.

Will I be able to reach my student while on the tour?

GATES Institute recommends an international cellular plan (please refer to your carrier’s service plan). However, a GATES Representative may be reached by telephone domestically during business hours.  We suggest parents utilize social media sites for quick communication with a student.

Are these tours college accredited?

Yes.  GATES Institute academic tours are accredited and students will earn credit      applicable to degree programs but please confirm with the student’s institution.

Are your destinations available online?

Yes.  Tour destinations and the accompanying itineraries are available for viewing at our web site at

What is the student-chaperone ratio?

Student-chaperone ratio is approximately 16:1.