GATES provides not only all the logistics associated with international travel, but will design the technical site visits that suit the  academic and curricular requirements.







GATES is a wonderful compliment and enhancement to the education students receive from their learning institutions. Our tours are designed to teach students what cannot be learned in class in a short and condensed technical and cultural experience.

Colleges realize how competitive it is to acquire and retain a student population. Whether its academics, sports, or other amenities, attracting students in today’s financial climate and with tuitions on the rise is difficult.

We at GATES consider our academic tourism to be an essential part of the college learning experience. When colleges and universities offer GATES academic tourism services to their students they are helping to insure their success beyond college.

Faculty FAQ’s

Can I design a program for GATES Institute?

We are open to creative ideas. If you would like to create a program for your students please contact us to discuss in further detail at

How can I bring GATES Institute to my college or university?

Just contact us at!  We would be happy to visit your institution, answer any questions and schedule an informational session.

How do I get a quote of your program for my students?

Contact us at or 617-901-7546.

Do I need to obtain my own travel insurance if I attend a trip with GATES Institute?

Yes. All travelers are required to be insured. Please refer to our website for additional insurance information at

How many faculty members do you allow per trip?

Typically, we travel with one faculty member who is responsible for the academic curriculum.  Additional chaperons will be on hand to assist.